We’re Afilliated!


KLA Chess club is now a U.S. Chess Federation affiliated scholastic club. What does this mean? It means that KLA students now have the opportunity to participate in rated tournament games. Players receive a rating based upon their performance. The higher the rating, the better the level of player.

Here is a breakdown of the ratings:

2600- Grandmaster       2200- Master       2000- Expert      1500- Strong Club Player     1000 and below- Novice

Playing stronger players (and winning) will increase a player’s rating, while beating a lower level player will not affect a player’s rating too much.

These ratings will help students determine what division will best suit them as we prepare for the 2014 USCF Nationals which will be held right here in San Diego.

You can check out our club’s information on the USCF at this link: We have yet to organize a tournament, but we do have several tournaments lined up shortly.


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