This past weekend, 20 KLA students participated in our 1st (and hopefully annual) KLA Spring Open tournament. The tournament featured both students from our chess class as well as students outside the class who have taken an interest in the game. For many of these students, this was their very first chess tournament.

The tournament featured 3 sections (Swiss format). Results are shown below:

(1 point for a win; 0 points for a loss; .5 points for a draw)

*Primary K-5- (4 rounds)

1st: Samantha W. (3.0/4)

2nd: Emilio L. (2.5/4)

3rd. Emily H. (1.5/4)

*Novice – (5 rounds)

1st: Franciciso Ivan Avila (4.0)*

2nd: Luis Garcia (4.0)*

*Note: Francisco won on tie breaker (strength of opponent)

3rd: Litzye Guel (3.5)

*Open (5 rounds)

1st: Stetson Beck (5.0)

2nd: Pedro Rojas (3.0)

3rd: John Gulpo (2.5)

For Pictures click here (Slide show)…..Individual shots click here.

For complete cross table results, click here.


ngk79's 2013 KLA Spring Open album on Photobucket

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