ImageWe’ve just had our first project funded through Donors Choose! KLA chess club will be receiving 5 new chess sets and resources to integrate literacy with chess ( see below).

We would like to thank the Donors Choose program and all the contributors who helped fund this project. Looks like we’ll be hitting the ground running this year!

Read, Write, Checkmate both teaches chess to students and provides educators with an outline for a classroom literacy project. Chess expert, Alexey Root, describes her project to have kids read and write about chess while learning to play and excel at the game. Patterned after an actual project undertaken with 25 middle school students, this book features all you need to know to teach kids to play well and reinforce their reading and writing skills at the same time. All activities are linked to the NCTE/IRA national standards for language arts. Lesson plans, over 100 chess diagrams, parent letters, annotated bibliographies and all other needed information project in the classroom is included. Grades 3-8.Image






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