Here We Go Again…

KLA Chess Club is back at it as we’re finally set with our everyday REACH Chess class and now have the KLA Primary students involved after school. Along with some of returning students from last year’s chess class, there is a good group of new students learning and improving. We’re hoping to get as many students ready to play at the 2014 USCF High School (K-12) Nationals hosted here in San DIego. 

Here is a tentative tournament schedule for KLA Chess Club

* Oct (12th) National Chess Day Tournament @KLA

* Nov/Dec? TBA 

* Feb Jimmy Quon Scholastic @ SD Chess Club (Balboar Park)

* March- KLA-USCF Candidates tournament: Qualifier for students to attend USCF Nationals @KLA

* April- USCF High School (K-12) Nationals- @Hotel Circle, San Diego

* June- 2nd Annual KLA Spring Open @KLA

Note: Weekly G30,d0 tournaments held on Fridays during REACH class.

Pictures from KLA Chess Club including after school Primary




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