Game vs “S”

Below is a link to a game I played vs. “S” in a tournament game that I decided to participate and play in from last year. Playing in these games isn’t really that much fun because I really have nothing to gain by winning and a lot of credibility to lose if I lose.

“S” has improved immensely since this game. He’s become much more coachable now by resigning to the fact that he needs to learn and follow the basic principles of the game, rather than rely on his own raw tactical talent. His rating has shot up and is a much more fundamentally sound player, although I’d like to see his work ethic improve. The funny thing is that I can definitely see his personality in this game; odd and naïve and surprising at times. Yet, I do appreciate his creativity and his stubbornness against learning generic textbook openings, which I find pretty refreshing. Behind the board, he’s really annoying to play against because although he doesn’t say anything, he’s got this cocky way he conducts himself…especially if he’s winning. I posted this game because I want to see how much he’s not only improved his game, but grown as a person.

S. Beck vs. N.Konitshek- Game below



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