2014 USCF Nationals!!!

2014 USCF Nationals!!!

Information for the 2014 USCF High School (K-12) National Championships is now available (see the link above). Unlike other tournaments we’ve played before in the past, Nationals will occur over the course of three days. 

The tournament will feature schools from all over the U.S in grades K-12. In chess, divisions are based on rating level, not grade level; in theory, an elementary aged student could face a high school senior if they are in the same rating bracket.

The anticipated divisions that KLA Chess Club will compete at are:

K-12 Under 1200 


K-12 Under 800


KLA Chess club will be hosting a “Candidates Tournament” to see which of our players we will be taking to Nationals. Our goal is to raise enough money for KLA Chess club to sponsor the top 5 players in each division to take to Nationals.

The cost for each player to attend Nationals is $50 per player and must be a USCF member ($17 annual registration).

*Note: Students who do not qualify in the Candidates tournament may still attend the National tournament, but must pay their own registration fees.


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