Magnus Carlsen becomes the 16th World Champion

ImageAt 23, Magnus Carlsen has become the 16th World Chess Champion. He is one of the youngest champions of all time and the highest rated player of all time. The question now for Magnus is, “What will he do next???”

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One comment

  1. Chessman SD · November 22, 2013

    Alexander the Great was a disciple of Aristotle and became King of Macedonia at age 20. He conquered the world at the young age of 32 and died at 33 under mysterious circumstances. He had no more battles to fight so perhaps he let his guard down.

    Magnus Carlsen has many young players to compete against such as Caruana, Karjakin, Giri, Nakamura, etc. But what does it profit you beat everyone in the world but lose your soul? 😉

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