About KLA and KLA Chess Club

(Keiller Leadership Academy is) Located in a gang-infested, urban setting of San Diego, the community had suffered decades of feeling disenfranchised by the San Diego City Schools. After failing to reach the school’s performance targets under No Child Left Behind, angry parents, community members, students, and staff took matters into their own hands. They led the charter drive and went door-to-door with charter petitions in late 2004/early 2005. When faced with obstacles created by local school board members who feared losing one of “their” schools to the charter movement, parents, staff, and students banded together to fight for control of their school’s staffing, budget, and curriculum.

KLA chess club allows welcomes students of all playing levels and gives students the opportunity for extracurricular activity. Our hope is that our students will use the game of chess as a motivation to achieve goals as well as learn important life lesson such as hard work, sportsmanship, concentration and self-discipline.

Chess is fun!

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